Mother of missing SC baby arrested; hindered investigation

Leaona Wright and Kiara Sullivan.

Kiara Sullivan, the mother of missing child Leaona Wright, has been arrested and charged with unlawful neglect of a child in an unrelated case by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.

Sullivan’s bond hearing will be around 7:30 a.m., Wednesday.

Deputies say her three year-old child tested positive for THC, Meth, and Cocaine.

They say Sullivan and Travis Jones also tested positive for those drugs. Jones has also been charged with unlawful neglect of a child and has admitted to using drugs while caring for the three year-old child.

Baby Leaona went missing from the Edgewood Square apartment complex in Pendleton on June 8th.

Detective Garland Major says Sullivan and Jones gave them misinformation about the circumstances of the baby’s disappearance and hindered their investigation.

Anderson deputies says Sullivan and Leaona’s father, Richard Wright have also been charged with assault and battery 3rd degree for a threatening to hurt a Wendy’s employee.

Deputies say the victim, an employee at the Wendy’s, was told by her manager, Wright, to do a floor sweep. When the victim did not complete the sweep immediately, she overhead Wright talking about her with another employee.

She told police she confronted Wright and he became angry and began to yell at her. He began shaking his finger in her face, removed his shirt, and told her “she could come get some.”

The victim says Wright told her “he was going to get his baby mama to come up there and beat her up.”

A short time later, Sullivan arrived outside the restaurant and began yelling for Reese to come outside. Reese remained locked in the office because she was “afraid that they were going to assault her.”

Authorities are awaiting the video recording from the location.

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