Lowcountry continues farewells for Emanuel 9

The 87-year-old grandmother's and 26-year-old great nephew's coffins side by side in Mother Emanuel.

CHARLESTON, SC – Susie Jackson and Tywanza Sanders laid to rest together.

The 87-year-old grandmother’s and 26-year-old great nephew’s coffins side by side in Mother Emanuel.

Hundreds crowded into the same building as the shooting to send them home Saturday.

The family shared their stories. “This was her second home, if she wasn’t down the street, she was here,” said Susie’s grandson Walter Bernie Jackson Jr.  “As a young boy he was afraid to flush the toilet and look at what he did last week he wasn’t afraid of anything,” said Shirrene Goss, Tywanza’s sister.

Tywanza was killed trying to save Susie during that bible study interrupted more than a week ago. “I say to my cousin thank you,” said Jackson Jr. “So many of us are not courageous we’re cowards, but he stood in front of my grandmother.”

Relatives mournful of their loss, but grateful for their existence. “This nation now has a piece of Susie Jackson and for that I say thank you for doing what you did, Thank you Grandma for being where you were,” said Jackson Jr., “we all have those memories that will last forever.

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