Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at Trident Tech

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at Trident Tech (Image 1)

Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave her first speech in the Lowcountry after declaring her candidacy.
Clinton held a forum at Trident Technical College in North Charleston because she wanted to focus on the importance of technical education.
She proposed a $1500 tax credit to businesses who put together apprenticeship programs. She said technical colleges are a key to the future, and she wants to see more government resources used to support technical education..
Clinton even admitted that she regrets how technical colleges have been treated and perceived over the years in this country. She said that, if elected president, she will focus on those not doing well financially in this country. “One fight that I want to wage and win is making the economy work for everyday Americans, not just those at the top, where frankly it works pretty well for them.” Loud applause could be heard from those in attendance when she said that.
Clinton said she wants to work with Democrats and Republicans if elected president. “I want to ask my Republican friends, and I had a lot of them when I was in the Senate, to think hard about how we can invest in the people who need it most.”
South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Matt Moore was also at her speech. He called her appeal, “rhetoric,” saying Clinton’s words do not match her past.
While in the Charleston area, a Clinton campaign staff member said she met with the family of Walter Scott to express her condolences.

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