2 Your Health: Let someone else pick your diet

lf you are hoping to lose weight this summer, you might want to let someone else choose your diet.

A new study finds people struggle to stick to a diet when they pick their own plan. According to registered dietician, Laura Jeffers, old habits are hard to break.

“People were choosing diets with foods that they were already eating, so potentially, that wasn’t getting them out of their comfort zone and really getting them to change their lifestyle.”

Researchers at the Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina split 207 people into two groups.

One group chose the diet plan they wanted to follow.   The other was assigned a diet plan. After 48 weeks, it turns out those who chose their diet lost less weight and had more trouble adhering to it. Researchers say choosing a diet based on food preferences may make it difficult for dieters to scale down on the amount they eat. Jeffers agrees.

“So, if people are picking a diet that allows them to eat the foods that they are currently eating it might lead them to overeat, and so it’s really making patients aware that they may want to avoid that and maybe look for something else.”

The complete study “Effect of allowing choice of diet on weight loss,” can be found online in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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