Craigslist caution after murder of William Apps

Police say 25-year-old William Apps was murdered after trying to sell his truck on Craigslist.

Each year millions buy and sell on the internet and Craigslist is one of the most popular websites. How many of us are safe when cyber-selling?

“I’ve always used Craigslist to look for cars or whatever I’m looking for jobs,” Ricky Ray of Mount. Pleasant said.

Ray is selling an item on the site, but after the murder of Apps, he is cautious of Craigslist.

“I posted and said ‘I would met you…’ After what happened, my wife and I talked about it and decided that it’s best to meet in a public area like a Piggly Wiggly, a Food Lion or a mall parking lot. Basically where there’s a lot of people,” Ray said.

“It’s pretty scary. Now it makes me double think about everything,” he continued.

It’s a thought that sticks with him because Apps’ body was actually discovered near Ray’s home.

“You would never think… not in my town. That would never happen to me. Unfortunately it happened the next road over. That concerns me because before hearing this I may have met with someone off the side of a road,” Ray said.

He and his wife now have a safety strategy.

“I told my wife… as soon as I get a call… what time I leave. I will call as soon as he is getting out of his car and she said to call as soon as I get back in my car. And I said ‘if you haven’t heard from me in 5 or 10 minutes or get a text, notify the authorities,” Ray said.

Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon shared tips about dealing with online ads like Craigslist.

*Don’t list your home address..

*Don’t go alone to meet a potential buyer or seller..

*Trust your instincts. If you feel uneasy, stop and don’t continue with the transaction.

*Provide information to a friend or family of your intentions and the contact information of the person you are meeting.

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Investigators in Beaufort County are offering more details on their role in the murder case of William Alex Apps.

Beaufort is where Apps was first reported missing and where it’s alleged his stolen debit card was used by Jquan Scott.

Local Investigators say Scott’s story has changed a few times but report the suspects were back and forth last Thursday.

The suspect told Deputies they started on Savannah Highway then they stopped on Spring Street to meet William Apps and his mother who were selling their truck. The Silverado was posted in an ad on Craigslist.

The truck was then driven to Mathis Ferry Road where court papers say Apps was held at gunpoint– then Deputies say it was back to Charleston. It was then around 4:30 in Thursday afternoon investigators say William Apps was shot while they crossed the bridge back to Mount Pleasant, as he sat in the passenger seat of the truck he was hoping to sell.

The story Wednesday from Beaufort County offered a little more information. Sheriff P.J. Tanner said Apps’ mother at first was not that concerned about William because of previous contact with Jquan Scott and Isaac Williams.

“She knew that her son had spoken to the person who had the interest in the truck and this had been going on for a couple weeks so she knew there was a lot of interest.”

Tanner also said Scott, who now was driving the Chevy Silverado, told Deputies that Apps didn’t have the title of the truck when it was sold on Thursday.

Scott told investigators, Apps offered up his own debit card to Scott to hold until the deal was final, Scott then said he dropped William Apps off on Mathis Ferry Road.

Investigators also said there were several purchases on Apps’ card from the Beaufort area by Scott. Tanner told reporters on Wednesday that is when they realized they needed to dig a little deeper.

“Things did start adding up two and two didn’t make four– Some of the stories had changed some of the other concerns were there we collected the debit card on a Sunday, because Scott was claiming he bought the truck.”

Beaufort officials also say the Jquan Scott used App’s debit card in at least 6 purchases that included fast food and shoes. Deputies say Scott’s friends in Beaufort County who attend the University of South Carolina in Bluffton witnessed Scott make the purchases while visiting last weekend.

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Funeral plans have been made for a young SC man who was killed during a fake plan by two men who pretended to want to buy his pick-up truck.

A Facebook page has been set up pledging to pursue justice for an SC man who police say was shot in the head while on a test drive in his pickup truck with two men posing as prospective Craigslist buyers.

The page, called Justice for Alex, hopes to bring national attention to the case about William Alexander Apps, age 25, who went missing a week ago and was found dead Monday in Charleston.

In just over 1 day, the page has over 30,000 likes and went from 5,000 to the current number just overnight Wednesday.

“Anything less than the death penalty is no justice at all!” is listed as a description of the page.

Two men have been charged in the murder and kidnapping, which happened after the pair met Apps last Thursday under the ruse of purchasing his Chevrolet truck that was advertised on Craigslist for $18,000 police say.

And, now, new details are being released about what the “trigger man” suspect did in the case: after shooting Apps in the head, he used his debit card to buy a nice pair of sneakers and Taco Bell and Wendy’s meals – and even rode around in Apps’ pickup truck with his girlfriend to a party near Beaufort, police say.

Jquan Scott and Isaac Williams, age 20, are facing charges of murder and kidnapping. Scott is facing additional charges of armed robbery and possession of a deadly weapon during a violent crime.

Police have told the Beaufort newspaper that Scott, age 19, took Apps’ truck on a joyride down to Beaufort, where they were both from.

During that trip, police say Scott stopped at a Tanger Outlet Mall to buy some items, including tennis shoes using Apps’ credit card. Beaufort officials also say the Scott used App’s debit card in at least 6 purchases.

10:00 am, Saturday, October 19, 2013 at Saint Gregory the Great Catholic Church, 333 Fording Island Road, Bluffton, SC with burial in the New Hope Cemetery, Lexsey, GA. Friends may greet the family immediately following the services at Saint Gregory the Great prior to leaving for the burial.

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