Pre-teen boy drives dad’s pickup through NC from VA, gets busted in SC

Pre-teen boy drives dad's pickup through NC from VA, gets busted in SC (Image 1)

A 12-year-old Virginia boy drove his family’s pickup truck all the way through North Carolina until he was pulled over by authorities who found weapons in the truck on Thursday, according to reports.

The boy left from Prince George County, Va earlier on Thursday after taking his dad’s pickup truck without permission, officials told WTVR in Richmond.

The boy managed to make completely through North Carolina, but was noticed driving recklessly about 12 miles into South Carolina, officials say. 

An SC trooper spotted the pickup truck and stopped it on US-501 near Jay Road near Latta around 1:15 p.m, said LCpl. Sonny Collins of the SC Highway Patrol.

The area is just a few miles east of I-95, which was likely the boy’s route through NC from his home about 30 miles southeast of Richmond, Va.

Trooper Collins says someone called the agency to report a reckless driver in Marion County. 

During the stop, Collins says troopers found two weapons inside of the vehicle. The Marion County Department of Juvenile Justice took the boy into custody.

— Info from WBTW-TV

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