Comedian Chelsea Handler visits the Lowcountry

Comedian Chelsea Handler visits the Lowcountry (Image 1)

Comedian Chelsea Handler, known for her rather vulgar stand up routines and funny social media posts, made an appearance in the Lowcountry on Wednesday, June 3rd.

Handler is currently filming a documentary series for Netflix that will be out next year and it’s a little different from her normal routine.

According to Variety, Handler says the new documentary series will be about Racism, Marriage, Silicon Valley and Ayahuasca, the hallucinogenic drug. Handler said she’ll steer clear of celebrities and focus on topics that she’s curious about. “It’ll be like a younger, hipper, cooler ’60 minutes’… I want to immerse myself in things I know nothing about.”

She chose to come to Walterboro to film an episode of her documentary about racism and slavery at the Slave Relic Museum on 208 Carn Street.

Danny Drain, owner of the museum and Gene Alexander Peters, historian, spoke one on one with Chelsea and they showed her slave relics. She also got to tour the slave quarters that are within the museum.

As soon as we find out a release date we will update you so that you can see the episode featuring our very own Walterboro, SC.

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