Locals help clean up Folly in prep for Memorial Day Weekend

Locals help clean up Folly in prep for Memorial Day Weekend (Image 1)

The community is banding together to clean up a local tourist hotspot.  50 volunteers congregated at Folly River Park Monday afternoon and then dispersed across the commercial district to find whatever trash they can and clean it up before a busy Memorial Day weekend on Folly Beach.

Folly City Councilman, DJ Rich, says, “Memorial Day weekend is our first big holiday weekend of the season so we’re always expecting a pretty good sized crowd. This season shouldn’t be any different, we’ve already had a busier spring than estimated so this weekend should be pretty interesting.”

Folly Beach usually sees 20,000-40,000 people visiting the town on Memorial Day weekend. Monday, locals of all ages spread out down Center Street to pick up garbage and clean up any graffiti to prepare for the influx of visitors.

One of the people helping cleanup is Laura Bruckman, she says, “We thought it would be a good way to help the community and we always complain about litter so this is a way to make a change.”

Her son, seven-year-old Julian Bruckman is also pitching in. He says, “The more things we clean up the less birds that die– or animals.”

And the cleaning crew reminds all of Folly’s visitors to pick up after themselves.

Rich says, “Pack in your trash, pack it out when you leave, you know make sure it gets in the proper receptacle and keep our barrier island clean. If we miss trash, it ends up in our waterways and that’s never a good thing.”

This is the first time the town of Folly has hosted the beautification event and was able to do it this year with the help of a Palmetto Pride grant. As a reward for helping out, all volunteers were rewarded with a cookout at Loggerhead’s Beach

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