Dorchester District 2 proposing salary increase for teachers

Dorchester District 2 proposing salary increase for teachers (Image 1)

Dorchester District Two is proposing an increase in staff and  teacher salaries during Dorchester County budget hearings Monday evening.  
Inside the county council chambers is where Dorchester District Two presented their operating budget for the coming year and in it, they are asking for a 4% increase for teachers salaries.
Some but not all teachers are getting the mandatory step 2% raise a year but this would include administrators, and all employees that according to board members haven’t had a raise since 2010-2011.
The starting teacher salaries around $34,000 and teachers after 30 years with a PhD. make around $74,000 but the budget request would increase everyone by an additional 2%.
It’s a challenge leaders say to remain competitive in the schools while also remaining competitive economically for business in the county.
Justin Farnsworth, DD2 board member, “We really need to be competitive with our neighbors, not only Berkeley county and Charleston county, when we look at comparable districts to DD2 around the state we are way behind… we need to be competitive and pay our educators what they deserve.”
Councilman Jay Byars, Dorchester County, “The concern is the mileage increase really hammers our business community in Dorchester county, we have a very unique issue where our businesses are having to carry the cost of operating the schools as well as vehicles..  but we are trying to remain attractive in Dorchester county to attract businesses.”
If you live in the county and you own a home this does not affect your taxes on that house but if you own a rental home, RV, boat, car taxes would increase slightly.

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