What scams kids need to know about online

What scams kids need to know about online (Image 1)

By Diane Lee (WSPA) – Your weakest security link online, are often your own kids. 40% of parents say their kids have downloaded viruses on their computers according to a Springboard America online survey.

Gabrielle Hayes admits, when she was in high school a few years back, she clicked a pop-up that crashed the computer.

“What happened was there was a virus and it actually took over the program internet explorer, and I went to my grandad and I was like, it doesn’t work anymore. I think I broke it. I broke the internet,” she said.

Pete Gallen is the Internet Technologies Director at Spartanburg Community College. He’s also a parent of two, who has seen how scammers try to lure kids to click.

‘Being in technology one of the things I put on all their computers when they were young was I put my own key-logger on there, the same kind of thing that the thieves would use, but I put it on the computer so I could keep track of what was being done and typed on all the computers in my house, so that I could go back and review those files and see where they’d been going.”

He says make sure your kids are aware of the most common scams targeting them like:

– Games with hidden viruses

– Sensational Video Posts on social media with malware

– And free offers that steal private information.

And, parents, warn your kids about those online surveys offering freebies. Often target kids phishing for social security number. It brings in a higher dollar on the black market since scammers can use them undetected for longer.

Also, make sure your anti-virus program, internet browser, and operating system are all up-to-date.

Hays says a proactive conversation can be the best form of defense.

“Definitely if he would have told me what to look out for I probably would have saved our computer from crashing.”


The following links are provided as a reference. These links provided simply as general guides to popular virus and malware protection solutions that do not require payment for use.

Setting parental control in Windows :

I used a keylogger to monitor my kids’ activities but couldn’t find one I would trust enough to recommend. I would recommend this steps below. Most people can do this: http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-monitor-kids-online-and-computer-activity-in-windows/

Microsoft Security Essentials

(Windows Defender is already included and ready to go in Microsoft Windows 8.1)

For computers running Windows 7, click the following link, then select the language you prefer http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security-essentials-all-versions






https://www.avast.com/en-us/index then click “Go to Download” button, then the “Free Download” button, this will redirect you to the download.cnet.com download site. Click the green “Download Now” button

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