Leon Stavrinakis announces he is running for Charleston mayor

Leon Stavrinakis announces he is running for Charleston mayor (Image 1)
Leon Stavrinakis announces he is running for Charleston mayor (Image 1)

Leon Stavrinakis officially launched his campaign for Charleston’s Mayor Monday, pledging to focus on the day-to-day concerns of city residents, like traffic, crime and our public schools.

He pledged to be a hands-on Mayor, focused on delivering the best city services – improved traffic, great schools and safe streets. 

“I was born here. I love this City and I know that Charleston works best when we all work together.  I have a vision of where to lead Charleston in the future, always making sure to keep our special city livable for all. My plan is practical and straightforward:  Fix our streets. Tackle traffic. Improve the schools. Keep people safe. Keep taxes low. And demand excellence in everything we do. Because that’s what the people of Charleston deserve.”

Leon is the only candidate for Mayor with experience on the County Council and in the State Legislature of bringing people together to get results for Charleston.   

After a local school nearly faced a tragic shooting incident, Leon wrote the Boland Act to keep guns out of the hands of mental health patients who are known to be dangerously ill.  He worked to bring Republicans and Democrats together to pass the bill into law. 

He pledged to take the same hands-on approach as Mayor.

“As Mayor, I’ll focus on delivering and improving basic city services. That means using smarter approaches to reducing congestion – like synching up traffic lights to keep the city moving efficiently and safely,” he says.

As a small business owner, Leon understands the hard work it takes to create jobs.  As Mayor, he will make sure city government spends the taxpayers’ money wisely and frugally to help local small businesses create jobs while maintaining critical investments in roads and neighborhood services.

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