I-Team investigation prompts Berkeley County to replace football helmets

Dozens of Berkeley County football players issued Riddell VSR-4 helmets at the beginning of the season, have new helmets today, or will have them this week, because of a News 2 Investigation that revealed those helmets put them a greater risk for concussion, according to researchers at Virginia Tech.

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“After you brought this to our attention, we did some more research on this, we talked to our equipment people, and came to the conclusion as a result of your piece on this that it was in the best interest of our kids to buy those new helmets, and discontinue the [VSR-4]”, said Charlie Davis,  BCSD Director of Athletics.

The 27 Cane Bay B-team players received their new helmets late last week, and used them in the B-team jamboree.

Berkeley’s B-team will be receiving their new helmets later this week.

“We worked with our rep at Riddell, and they have been extremely helpful in making sure we can them quickly, but they should be here by Thursday”, Davis said.

The Riddell VSR-4 received a 1-star rating by the 2014 Vinia Tech Helmet Ratings, which ranks every helmet on the market, or in use today. The lead researcher, Dr. Stefan Duma said upgrading to a higher performing helmet can cut a player’s risk of concussion by 50%.

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Davis says, the new helmets are the Riddell Revolution Speed helmet, which is a 5-star helmet according to the VT ratings.

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