Therapy dogs visit Mount Pleasant on National Dog Day

Palms of Mount Pleasant celebrated National Dog Day with some extra canine comrades.

The retirement community brings in therapy dogs for the residents every two weeks and today’s visit fell coincidentally on National Dog Day.

“They’re really great they can do so many tricks and everything,”said Phyllis Ames, who lives at the Palms.

Studies in the past have shown the therapy dogs can have a positive impact on health by reducing stress.

“Just by touching dogs, it lowers your blood pressure and it has all sorts of wonderful health benefits,” said Bonnie DeWald, a director at the Palms.

Pets are allowed at the Palms, but the bi-monthly therapy dog visits are all the interaction some seniors have with dogs. “Some of our residents don’t have the ability to leave their apartments,” said DeWald.

Therapy Dogs Inc. is an non-profit organization dogs and their owners that visit communities to bring happiness.

“A lot people have always had dogs and cats and they don’t have the opportunity to have their own pets when transition into assisted living,” said Kelsey Gilmore-Futeral of Therapy Dogs Inc. “It’s a great opportunity for them to experience the joys of dogs without actually having the responsibility and the work for caring for them.”

For more information on how you can volunteer your dog to become a therapy dog, click here.

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