Dozens of blighted Georgetown homes set for demolition

Dozens of blighted Georgetown homes set for demolition (Image 1)

Battling blight in Georgetown is becoming a mission of city officials. When the dust settles, some Georgetown neighborhoods will look a little different. Officials have given the approval to start the process to remove dozens of dangerous abandoned homes.

“Most of these are smaller structures, but some are larger,” Building & Zoning Administrator Rick Martin explained.

“I will look at windows and ask if it is something that meets the criteria to becoming a nuisance as to coming down on it’s own,” Martin said.

Some of the homes harbor wild animals and some have been gutted of wiring by copper thieves.

“It’s a safety hazard for people with children. It hurts the neighborhood as far as housing values and from time to time we have homeless people living in them,” Martin said.

There have been 35 homes approved this year and 35 more last year. City council has approved $75,000 for the projects.

“The last step in the process is that a lien can be placed against the property owner to recover the loss that the city incurs as far as taking those structures down. Currently that’s about $5,000 per structure,” Martin said.

“If the owner wants to come up and say they want to go in and save themselves we will work with them. We will pull them off the list,” martin explained.

If there is a home in your neighborhood that needs to be considered for the project call City Hall at 545-4010.

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