Myrtle Beach police look for murder leads in Lowcountry

Myrtle Beach police look for murder leads in Lowcountry (Image 1)
Myrtle Beach police look for murder leads in Lowcountry (Image 1)

Myrtle Beach detectives are still searching for the person who killed three people from the Summerville area in Myrtle Beach during “Bike Week.”

In May, someone shot and killed 28-year-old Jamie Williams of Ladson, 22-year-old Sandy Barnwell of Summerville and 21-year-old Devonte Dantzler of Summerville.

Police say it is a difficult task with thousands visiting the area for “Bike Week.”

“The suspects that perpetrated this crime can very well be from an entirely different part of the United States altogether.” Det. Wil Kitelinger said.

After interviewing dozens of people, the trail leads to the Lowcountry.

“Some of that information leads us to the fact that perhaps there are people in this local community that had additional information,” Kitelinger said.

Detectives were joined by family members of the victims Wednesday in an effort to find more answers.

The family of Barnwell call the crime senseless and unfair.

“She went to Myrtle Beach 3 to 4 hours before she died. She had just arrived in Myrtle Beach with her cousin and she went to have fun,” Melody McFadden said. “She is not coming home because of gun violence. We have to deal with our local communities and why are children carrying guns any way? Why are our young people going to the beach with guns?”

Family members have spoken with “Bike Week” organizers and challenge them to change.

“You are not responsible for her death, but because this happened, it is now tied to you. You have to embrace this tragedy just the same way we did and you have to make something positive come out of it,” McFadden said.

If you have any information about these shootings you are asked to call Crimestoppers at 554-1111.

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