NAACP hears residents’ suspected cases of racial profiling

NAACP hears residents' suspected cases of racial profiling (Image 1)

The Charleston Branch of the NAACP is hosted community members Thursday night to discuss the Denzel Curnell case.

Some residents told their personal stories about suspected racial profiling.

Ramon Caraballo told News 2, “That’s just the type of stuff we deal with nowadays. Not just young black men, but young people in America.”

Many say they showed up just to listen to other people’s stories. Percell Ross lives in Charleston and said, “I believe that me and my wife were interracially profiled when we got pulled over, and my wife was told to stand up and they wouldn’t give her her wheelchair out of the trunk of the car.  I believe that was really abusive.” One woman who didn’t give her name got up to the podium and said, “It hurts…and that shouldn’t be. I was born and raised in the United States and it hurts. Something has to stop.”

Officials with the NAACP collected racial profiling reports from citizens and say they plan on submitting them to the Justice Department after substantiating the justifiable cases.

Reverend Joseph Darby is the 1st Vice President of the Charleston Branch NAACP and said, “A lot of folks here declined to speak because, frankly, they were afraid to speak.  It’s just a shame in Charleston in 2014.” President of the Charleston Branch NAACP, Dot Scott, added, “Time and time again this conversation goes unaddressed.”

NAACP officials got feedback about forming a citizen review board that could pass racially profiled complaints to the city.

Darby said by the end of August they hope to give all of their research and reports to the Department of Justice, with the hopes of an investigation into the Denzell Curnell case.

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