New X-Men comic book saga starts in downtown Charleston!

New X-Men comic book saga starts in downtown Charleston! (Image 1)

From seersucker to super heroes, the Marvel Universe is invading downtown Charleston. A brand new landmark chapter in the multi-million dollar X-Men franchise kicks off on the pages of a new comic book set momentarily in Charleston. [Click the Video Tab to watch that story]

You could call it The Battle of the Battery: A Super Villain Invasion.

Team 2 wanted the lowdown on the downtown drama. That was easier said than done because in just a week the colorful comics flew off local shelves faster than a speeding bullet.

“It’s tying in with the big Marvel Original Sin idea and the general idea is that secrets from the past only stay buried for so long,” Captain’s Comic Books owner Mike Campbell said.

“Your first panel starts off with a couple who are staying at a Bed and Breakfast in Charleston, South Carolina. One of those big alien attacks happens and she gets zapped by a laser and killed instantly. And while this is happening the building behind him is destroyed,” he explained.

Destroying Charleston? Well, at least we’re now in the very profitable Marvel spotlight — if just for a few pages.

“For the most part comics are going to take place in New York City with some branching out into California. Big cities are going to need super heroes more than your smaller towns,” Campbell said.

“It’s a nice little treat for the people of the Lowcountry to have their town and their architecture featured in a comic book,” he added.

“The X-Men have been around since the mid 60’s so they’ve had hundreds of thousands of adventures and storylines,” Campbell explained.

This story kicks off the next major chapter in X-Men stories.

“I am all for a book becoming a classic. I think it may become a local classic. Just because it featuring Charleston is such a nice little hit,” Campbell said.

How about a new bow tie wearing, sweet tea drinking super hero? How long until we see our first Lowcountry comic book hero?

“I’m all for a Charleston hero with a more small town slice of life approach,” Campbell said.

We got the very last issue in Charleston, but Captain’s Comics are ordering more. You can find them here:!/CaptainsComicsAndToys

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