SLED release Curnell death investigative files

The South Carolina Law Enforcement division continues investigating the death of 19-year-old Denzell Curnell who was killed last month.

Curnell was shot in the head in the presence of a Charleston police officer. While some witnesses claimed the officer fired, the Charleston County Coroner’s Office ruled the death a suicide.

Charleston City Police release report from Bridgeview Apartment shooting

Friday, SLED released their investigative report where there are pages of witness accounts of what they saw that night.

A neighbor recalls seeing “a kid on the ground and an officer standing over him with a gun.” She says the kid, later identified as Curnell, asked the officer to “hold on,” asking what he did wrong.

Police hold press conference to discuss death of Denzell Curnell

She then said that as Curnell asked the officer again what he did wrong she heard the gun shot. She did not see who fired the weapon.

The officer also offered explanation in the report. He spoke about an altercation with Curnel who he says was concealing his hand. He said he saw Curnell make a quick upward motion toward his head and saw a flash and heard a loud bang. Officials say the officer did not fire his issued weapon.

There is also surveillance video from that night. There is one catch though, as there are minutes that did not record. It so happens that the fatal shot was fired when the camera was not rolling. SLED says that the camera is motion-triggered. If there is little-to-no movement, it will stop recording.  It only started again with new motion.

SLED says that their investigation into the missing footage is not over. They are planning to meet with the company that makes the cameras for a more complete report.

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