Several hundred attended deadly Moncks Corner block party

Several hundred attended deadly Moncks Corner block party (Image 1)

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office has released the incident report on the deadly block party in Moncks Corner.  It names five victims including 19-year-old Ariel Morgan, who died Saturday night following the shooting.

The other named victims are: 18-year-old Anthony Myers, 27-year-old Tiffany Crossby, 21-year-old John Scott and 20-year-old Emanuel Malique Lee.    Their conditions are unknown at this time.

Social media gives insight to Berkeley County shooting

According to the report, there were hundreds of people at the party “making access to emergency personnel extremely difficult.”  A cell phone photo obtained by News 2 shows the yard on Tish Lane was packed with party goers. 

On Saturday night, June 7th, several people tweeted about their safety concerns at this party which was in the Longridge community of Berkeley County.  

“I really wanna show  face at the block party, but I don’t wanna lose my life man,” one twitter user posted.

That was re-tweeted by Ariel Morgan.

“[Shout out] to this block party for being down the street from my house,” Morgan wrote.

Now others reply, “I wish it never was.”

More than 48 hours since the deadly shots were fired and detectives are still searching for the person(s) responsible. 

Monday, the Tri-County National Action Network held a news conference saying they plan to bus people to Governor Haley’s office later this month to ask her to put a task force together. 

“We want Gov Haley to put a task force together to go into these communities and find out exactly where these guns are coming from in these communities,” Johnson said.

Johnson also said he wants anyone caught illegally possessing a gun to get a minimum one year in jail and those convicted of premeditated murder to get life in prison.   The group also called for resources for grieving families.

Remembering teen shot, killed at Berkeley County block party

19-year-old Ariel Morgan was a Stratford High School graduate who was home from college.  Saturday evening friends gathered to remember her and pray for peace of mind.

“We were friends since 8th grade. She was a cheerleader and I was a football player,” Johnnie Lynch remembered.

“We had classes together since freshman year until we graduated. She became a big sister,” he added.

Dozens of teenagers and parents from across the Lowcountry gathered just 12 hours after her death. They say she was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“A party that turned the wrong way and she got in front of a bullet that didn’t have a name on it,” Lynch said.

“Just shocked and scared because it can happen to any one of us. We never thought it would happen to her,” he added.

They prayed and cried together trying to understand young life lost.

“It’s just prayer.   Just being a unit– a small body of kids coming together after a tough loss,” Lynch explained.

“She was an angel. She was passionate and very kind. Just an angel,” Lynch said.

“Don’t look for revenge.  Be shoulders for one another.  Just love on each other. This is a time for a community to come together. It stinks that we have to come together in such a terrible situation,” Lynch said.

“It’s a big wake up call. God’s trying to get our generation’s attention and it’s time for us to listen,” he added.

Detectives are looking to speak with anyone who was at the party.

If you have any information please call Crimestoppers at 843-554-1111.

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