Police: North Charleston mom sells nude photos of self and 4-year-old daughter

Police: North Charleston mom sells nude photos of self and 4-year-old daughter (Image 1)

A threesome, a kidnapping and nude photos of a 4-year-old – are all words that appeared in a police report filed by a North Charleston woman.  On Tuesday, that woman stood in front of a judge to face several charges based on her own complaint.

On May 24, 23-year-old Brittany Ann Oliver called police to the A1 Food Store at the intersection of Dorchester Road and Ranger Drive.   According to the incident report, she told police that she and her husband had been married about a year and recently discovered that they have a fantasy about having a threesome with another woman.  She said she signed up for a KIK account, a web forum where you can search for a threesome partner.   She told police that she met a woman and had exchanged nude photos of each other including her husband. 

Oliver told the officers the woman she met online offered to give her $250 for food and taking care of her 4-year-old daughter. Then the woman, Oliver claims, suggested that she take a nude photo of herself and her young daughter, and pictures of the mother and daughter performing sexual acts on each other.  Oliver claims the woman also offered to come over with her own 5-year-old and “do whatever you want with me and my daughter.”  Oliver told police that at this point, she stopped communicating with the woman and deleted all messages from her and that she did not send any photos to the woman. 

Oliver told police the woman lived in the Archdale neighborhood of North Charleston off of Shagbark Trail. Her KIK name is bemyprincezz, according to Oliver.  

On May 28, investigators called Brittany Ann Oliver for a statement. She told investigators that she had deleted all of the information and had blocked the woman she met on KIK from her phone.  Police say she then confessed to sending one nude photo of herself with her 4-year-old daughter to the woman. Later that day, she called the detective back to say that the woman forced her to go into the bedroom of her home, strip down and pose for picture with her daughter.

On May 29, police served a search warrant on Oliver’s home. Officers gathered cell phones and internet devices.  Oliver was brought in for questioning at which time she verbally confessed to taking the nude pictures and sent them to the woman who offered her $250 for the pictures.  She also confessed that the kidnapping never happened and that she had never seen the woman in person.  She had only met the woman on KIK who remains unidentified.  

Britanny Ann Oliver faces the following charges:

  1. Unlawful Conduct toward a Child
  2. Permitting a Minor to Engage in Obscenities
  3. Disseminating Obscenities,Participation in Preparation of Obscene Material
  4. Aiding Exposure  of Private Parts in Obscene Material
  5. False Report of Kidnapping.


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