Mothers, grandmothers at the bar? Leaders’ plan to stop late night violence

Mothers, grandmothers at the bar? Leaders' plan to stop late night violence (Image 1)

The list grows: In North Charleston, four people were shot at Club Camouflage and three people were shot after a fight at Willie’s. The brother of Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White was shot and killed after an altercation outside Lake House on James Island. Then Friday morning four people were shot after leaving Honey Bees night club in North Charleston.

“Until you get active in your community in stopping this violence. Don’t go to the bars. If you really want to have fun, you can’t have fun if you fear for your life,” Pastor Thomas Dixon said.

Now community leaders like Dixon have a bold idea to stop the violence at the night clubs.

“It seems like it’s a little funny to think about, but we talked about having mothers in the parking lot of clubs as those clubs are letting out,” Dixon explained.

They say that extreme times call for extreme measures.

“We live in a time where lawlessness is abounding,” Dixon said.

“We’ll probably never be able to stop it, but there are some measures that we can put into place to curb this violence,” he added.

They hope to get 12 to 15 mothers or even grandmothers to come out to the clubs at closing time with police.

“Even the worst acting ones that I’ve seen. When they get around older women they have that calming effect and respect,” Dixon said.

While they still look for volunteers, leaders have more immediate policing plans.

“Gunpowder sniffing dogs and things like that,” Dixon said hoping to get help from local police agencies.

“To have a bunch of women outside of the club maybe they will show that restraint and respect due to those women. We can only hope and pray,” Dixon said.

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