Proposed downtown Charleston midnight bar closings on hold

After a deadly fist fight on King Street in Downtown Charleston ended with the death of 27-year-old Clint Seymour we learned the violent night was captured on tape.

“There is a video and there is video evidence from a city camera and private video camera,” attorney Stephen Harris told News 2 in May.

While the actual so called “sucker punch” is not seen in the video, the immediate reaction and aftermath is seen as several people dart across Morris Street to the scene. You can see that video by clicking the video tab.

Seymour died days later from his injury.

Since that altercation, Charleston City Council members passed the first reading of an ordinance that would force new bars in parts of downtown Charleston, including all of King Street, to close at midnight rather than the current 2 AM.

News 2 has learned that the ordinance is currently in a holding pattern for the foreseeable future.

“The ordinance was brought to us too quickly. Quite honestly, like most council members, I wish we would have had to look at it and really think it through and digest it,” council member and public safety chairperson Kathleen Wilson said.

“This is a whole ball of problems from every aspect of the city. It’s the food and beverage industry, livability concerns, public safety concerns,” Wilson added.

Council members say they want to first look at beefing up law enforcement before changing the law.

“Now we have up to a year. I think you are going to see big changes,” Wilson said.

Changes or possibly the end of the ordinance.

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