Boxing keeps CCSD student from picking fights

Boxing keeps CCSD student from picking fights (Image 1)

James Island Middle School student, Eliza Lawrimore, said training herself with mixed martial arts and boxing helped keep her out of trouble at school.

The 14-year-old admits to starting some school fights but recognized the need for anger release. In January she enrolled in boxing lessons.

“I thought, why not fight but do it in a good way where people actually like it instead of doing it out on the street and getting in trouble,” Lawrimore said at Hurricane Boxing, “here I can do it and not get in trouble.”

After 5 months of training, she said people have noticed a boost in confidence.

“I’m a lot more confident and that gets me a lot more friends too, because if I look scary they’re not going to want to come near me,” she said.

She’s changed from acting out for the wrong attention, and instead is trying to gain attention from the right people.

“I want to take it to the olympics so it will get me a college scholarship to a good school so I can do something with my life rather than just stay here,” she said. “I think if I work at it, and everyone still believes in me, it will definitely take me somewhere.”

Big name boxers from George Foreman to Claressa Shields would probably say that’s true. They admit to similar backgrounds and now their name rings familiar with most sports fans.

Now Eliza works round for round, knowing the real fight doesn’t end at the bell.

“I didn’t ever feel I was good enough but now, with something that I love, I feel like they have stuff they’re good at and I have stuff I’m good at.”

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