Rebuilding the collapsed bridge in Berkeley County

Rebuilding the collapsed bridge in Berkeley County (Image 1)

Work at the site where the bridge fell down last month on Cypress Gardens Road in Berkeley County is coming along.

The woods near the bridge are filled with the sounds of construction.  A permanent fix is underway to the waterline that was cut after multiple train cars derailed and took out the bridge April 28th.

Tom Smith, Berkeley County’s Director of Emergency Preparedness, says it’s an important waterline. “That waterline supplies DuPont, the Bushy Park/Cooper River Industrial Complex, as well as Durham Landing residential area. And it’s 40% of the county’s water usage.”

There are now marks on the road from survey work that began Monday. Tuesday afternoon, CSX employees were at the site discussing the progress.

You can still see that there are a number of railroad cars from the accident laying on their side in the woods next to the track. Work was being done there as well.

It’s all part of the effort to get the bridge repaired to help the estimated 6,000 or more people who use the bridge, like Cypress Gardens visitor Mark Shabra, who is visiting Charleston from Boston. “You know, it’s just a little inconvenience. We were hoping to go straight over the bridge, but since the accident we were unaware of, it looks like we are gonna have to have a detour today.”

Tom says the projected completion date of when the bridge will be ready for traffic again is October 28.

Smith was able to work with the landowner at the site to establish an emergency route that can be used by fire, medical or law enforcement if needed.

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