Septima Clark Academy students throw rocks from school bus at passing vehicles

Septima Clark Academy students throw rocks from school bus at passing vehicles (Image 1)

8 students are facing charges after police say they threw rocks and food from their school bus at passing vehicles. Last Thursday, officials say the students from Septima Clark Academy threw a rock on a truck that did about $1,000 worth of damage.

The owner of that truck, Mark Richardson, is speaking out. “You don’t know what’s happening. it’s a split second thing and you focus on not wrecking.” That’s what was going through Mark’s mind when he heard a rock hit his pickup truck on James Island Thursday.

Richardson tells News 2 that he got off Folly road onto the James Island Connector, and then the students began their crime.

“Kids threw a bunch of stuff out the window… A bunch of food all over the truck. I heard a big boom, and I guess a rock hit the passenger side door… It could’ve busted the window out and messed with the guy who was riding with me. It could’ve messed the side of his head up or even killed him. You never know.”

According to the police report, the students were throwing food and rocks at other vehicles as well.

Mark flagged down the school bus, and according to the police report the students cussed at the driver demanding that he not stop. He stopped the bus, and Mark walked up to it.

“It was chaos inside. The kids were cussing the bus driver out. He was asking then to sit down. (They were) using some pretty foul language on him. It was a bad situation inside the bus.”

In addition to the 8 arrests, Mark believes, “they should definitely not be allowed to ride the bus. And the bus driver they got hauling these kids around shouldn’t, he shouldn’t be allowed to haul these kids around. His life is in danger.”

The Charleston County sheriffs office tells us there is video of the entire incident that was recorded on the school bus but have not yet released that video to the media.

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