Research project brings history to life at Flowertown Elementary

Research project brings history to life at Flowertown Elementary (Image 1)

Students at Flowertown Elementary are breathing life into the pages of history. We’re in Summerville for our Cool School of the week.

From Jackie Robinson, Laura Ingalls Wilder, fifth grade gifted and talented students at Flowertown Elementary breathe life into historical figures. It’s a part of their research project. English teacher Deborah Dorris says, “They research characters in history from our social studies time period 1865 to present day, the students choose a character in history, they research the character, they research the issue, they make note cards and source cards and they really develop this person who they are.”

Students develop a project around their character and create costumes once a year in the spring. Forty-seven students stand in the media center turned into a wax museum all day waiting for visitors. With a touch of the hand, historical figures like Ida B. Wells comes to life. Principal Donna Goodwin says, “The wax museum is amazing. Our children and our parents and our entire school community. We look so forward to that each spring, and it begins with a research project, so it is very academics standards based.”

Dorris says, “It really helps with the Social Studies standards. When they start talking about these characters in their Social Studies class, it’s like oh.. i’m that person. They start making these relationships, and it’s so beneficial for their learning.”

Flowertown had 20 classes and 64 parents view characters in the wax museum. Teachers in Dorchester District Two created this assignment around ten years ago in order to instill higher learning for gifted students.

Coming up Friday on News 2 Today, We’ll present the Flowertown Busy Bees with our Cool School award.

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