Bridge collapse may mean no Moncks Corner mail for 6 months

Bridge collapse may mean no Moncks Corner mail for 6 months (Image 1)

The South Carolina Department of Transportation estimates that it could take 180 days to replace a bridge that collapsed after a train derailment in Moncks Corner. Neighbors in the Durham Landing community say that they were told by postal employees that without that bridge they may have to discontinue mail delivery for months.

“Rain, snow, sleet and hail… I don’t understand it. They told her that they wouldn’t be delivering mail out here for about 6 months until the bridge was repaired,” Terry Keller explained.

“They told me that it would cost too much to hire somebody to drive this extra mileage,” Keller said.

Neighbors say that it is not only inconvenient, but it’s unacceptable.

“It’s pretty frustrating specifically when someone calls me up and ask when I’m going to pay a bill and I don’t know about it. Or a tax refund. A lot of people rely on a tax refund. I’m not a big internet person. I got dial up out here. It’s like watching paint dry. I depend on my mail to know what I got to do,” Keller said.

With some elderly residents, they say the long drive for mail is simply not practical.

News 2 drove the route to the post office. It’s a 56 mile round trip to the post office and back every time they want to check if they have mail.

Postal officials tell us that they are trying to draft a plan to offer some relief from the six month delay. But for many of these neighbors, they say until they hear something concrete, those notions can be returned to sender.

“Bring the mail down here to the broken bridge and put it in a satchel and sling it across the highway and I’ll go pick it up and deliver the mail,” Keller said.

Postal service officials say they should have an interim delivery plan drafted by tomorrow. They could not go into detail about the specifics.

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