Fort Johnson Middle School takes pride in academic success

Fort Johnson Middle School takes pride in academic success (Image 1)

Fort Johnson Middle School takes pride in its academic success, as students prepare to compete in a national competition. We’re on James Island for our Cool School of the week.

Eighth grade students are hard at work, working on a project and preparing for a national competition in Washington, D.C. for Fort Johnson Middle’s new science quiz bowl team. Science teacher an co coach of quiz bowl team Devan Keogh says, “It has to be built using recyclable materials and carry a container of salt down a specific measurement, or specific distance. We’ve been practicing one or two days a week since October, and we went to the regional competition in Charlotte, North Carolina in February, and out of 16 teams, we won first place.” Eighth grade student Brent Harwell says, “Once we made it to regional competition, we were really nervous, but once we made it through we really excited that we get to go to nationals now.”

Keogh says, “It’s a very big deal. We’re so excited, more importantly, we’re excited that our kids are getting this opportunity. We have very high expectations for our students. We’re always trying to be rigorous in our classrooms, which is why we try to participate in this quiz bowl competition to get kids excited about science especially with STEM careers, and we’re hoping someday they choose a career in science because of their experiences starting in middle school.”

In the classrooms, academics continues to be a point of pride. Fort Johnson has 23 junior scholars, 4 Duke Tip Scholars, and nine students scored a perfect score on the PASS test. Principal David Parler says, “Our PASS scores are great, talking about the kids that were exemplary, Social Studies, math, ELA, over 50-percent. Between 50 to 60 percent of our kids are exemplary, that’s the highest they can get. We’re getting there in Science, 40-percent exemplary, but we feel good about that.”

Fort Johnson’s science quiz bowl team will head to Washington, an all expense paid trip Thursday, April 24th through the 28th.

The school has an after school girl’s science club, and they’re hoping to partner with Google for an after school program.

Coming up Friday on News 2 Today, we’ll present the Fort Johnson Rams with our Cool School award.

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