Cool School: Fort Johnson Middle School

Cool School: Fort Johnson Middle School (Image 1)

Stellar academics, athletics, and musical programs, Fort Johnson Middle School continues to shine. We’re on James Island for our Cool School of the week.

Fort Johnson Middle School is a neighborhood school with 540 students in sixth through eighth grade. Fort Johnson is a Palmetto Gold and Silver award winning school with an excellent rating since 2009. They offer Spanish, French, algebra, and keyboarding for high school credit. The band received a superior rating at the concert festival.

The school has a peer mediation program with 8th graders who are trained to assist in conflict resolution issues,and strives to be pro-active when it comes to bully prevention, with bully reporting boxes throughout the school. Principal David Parler says students always strive to show true Ram pride. Parler says, “I have a cool school because I have cool kids. They do love their school, and they’re well rounded kids. They’re strong students academically. They’re good well rounded kids.” Eighth grade student Josesonren Jones says, “It’s cool because there is no bullying going on, and they fix the problem there and then if you have any problems and a lot of activities you can get into, so it’s very cool over here.” Guidance director Karen Luhrs says, “We have an awesome principal. We have awesome teachers and staff who have high expectations of those students, and we have an awesome parent group and base and community who support us in that.” Teacher Chantille Lincoln, “Fort Johnson is a cool school because we have the smartest kids in charleston. They’re excited and eager to learn. They come in and do their best, and it shows.” Eighth grade student Kaylee Warren says, “My school is really cool because all of the teachers are really good at teaching us, and when I come to school I feel like I can accomplish things in life.”

Fort Johnson has a strong athletics program as well. The 6th and 8th grade boys basketball won the Trident basketball league and conference championship. The 7th grade volleyball team won the Lowcountry volleyball league regular season and tournament.

Coming up Wednesday on News 2 Today, we’ll take a closer look at Fort Johnson’s academic accomplishments, including their award winning Science quiz bowl team.

We want to hear about the good things going on at your school. Send an email to Octavia at, maybe your school will be the next Cool School of the week.

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