Day 8: Rome in all its glory

Day 8: Rome in all its glory (Image 1)

Well, as the saying goes, all good things must come to end…and so it is with our News2 viewer trip to Italy.

Our last day was another fantastic one, with a guided tour to the many sights of Ancient Rome.

We started on the bus with Fillipo showing and telling us about many of the buildings around the ruins, and the history of each one. It’s a lot of info to digest, but it’s easy to take away the importance of Roman Empire to the world at that time, as well as the role Christianity would play, especially here.

One of my favorite stops was the Trevi fountain. It’s a beautiful fountain flowing from the front of one of the many historic buildings in Rome. Legend tells us that you toss a coin over your shoulder (back to the fountain) into the water, and that ensures your return trip back to Rome. Let’s see if that works!

We then moved on to the Roman Forum, and of course, the Colosseum. There is not much I can write about these magnificent artifacts. I think by viewing some of the photos we are sending back will tell the story. Fillipo made it easy for us to visualize what life was like either B.C., or the early days after Christ. I can honestly say our group walked around with their jaws open. It’s such a breathtaking sight and experience. I wish everyone could enjoy what we have had a chance to see and feel the last week or so.

A side note….while walking through the Colosseum hallways leading to the main arena, I heard someone nearby say my name. Sure enough, it was a group of Bishop England High School students on a trip, touring the same place at the same time. It certainly is a small world!

We have had a great time on this trip, and will bring back many great memories!

It’s an early start on Thursday morning, as we leave Rome and head home. See you at News2 on Friday!

A final arrivederci!

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