A trip to Italy with Rob: Day 4

A trip to Italy with Rob: Day 4 (Image 1)

It was a day of travel for our group of News2 viewers. We said goodbye to our home of 2 days and nights, Padua, and made the journey to the Renaissance city of Florence. Along the way we stopped at the fantastic Medieval Italian town of Ferrara. Ferrara is know for many things, but it’s two major claims to fame are the food prepared here, and the number of bicycles being ridden!  Our tour guide Bruno tells us per capita, this is the bike capital of the world. We can see why!  Young and old were on bikes, cruising through the city.

We also got to tour the Medieval castle and local basilica….it was as beautiful as building you will ever see.

We a enjoyed lunch at a delicious Italian cafe, and then headed to Florence for the next couple of days and nights. Florence is a hopping place, and Sunday we will have a local tour guide take us on a walking tour, including a trip to Galleria dell Accademia to see the original statue of “The David”

We are all stuffed after dining at Giannino….the late night Gelato may have to wait!

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