Italian Vacation with Rob Fowler, Day 3: All about Venice

Italian Vacation with Rob Fowler, Day 3: All about Venice (Image 1)

It has a fantastic day, spent solely in Venice, the city built on water, and surrounded by water. At one time it was THE place to summer vacation, or holiday as the Europeans call it. It’s now the tourist Mecca of Italy, where 28 million tourists visit each year!

Our day started with a walking tour to experience one of the most beautiful and famous cities in the world. We spent time in the beautiful Doge’s Palace, where many political decisions were made many years ago. The palace is filled with gold, from the famous golden staircase to gold trimming around some of the most beautiful paintings this side of Paris!

After our guided tour inside the palace with our local guide Cynthia, it was free time to walk around the city. A lot of us spent time in St. Mark’s Square, home of the magnificent St. Mark’s Basilica. There was plenty of shopping and eating to do around the square.

Our group also had a personal tour of a Venetian Glass factory, where one of the Glass Masters demonstrated how he and other Masters take glass and in moments create unbelievable creations. It was one of my favorite parts of the day.

Of course, we had to take a Gondola ride, with in our case, Daniela at the controls. It was quite to trip through the narrow canals of the city.

We also had a chance to visit one of the most exclusive hotels in Venice. The Hotel Daniela has hosted many a celebrity and dignitary. It’s also been the setting for many a movie, including The Tourist starring Angelina Jolie!

A bunch of our group headed up to the rooftop bar and restaurant for a beverage, or two, and the most breathtaking views of the city of Venice!

It’s now back to the Hotel Plaza in Padua, tired…but ready for our next adventure in Italy. Saturday, it’s on to Florence!

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