North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary receives Cool School award

News 2 presents North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary with our Cool School award.

All week, we’ve shown you all the cool things taking place at North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary in Charleston county.

This is North Charleston Creative Arts first full year as an official school. The partial magnet school located in the Park Circle area was established in 2011 as a program to complete the vision of an integrated arts school in every zone of the county.

The school began a Suzuki violin program and received a grant from the Youth Endowment of the Arts to purchase equipment for that program. Every week students have a private and group lesson with parents. The program helps students develop and nurture talents.

The goal of NCCA is to help the school continue to grow into a hub for arts infused learning in the North Charleston area.

Congratulations to the North Charleston Creative Arts Owls!

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