North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary’s arts program helps to develop and nurture student talent

North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary's arts program helps to develop and nurture student talent (Image 1)

Art, music, drama, dance, North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary is in its first year as an official school, and offers exciting programs for students. They’re our Cool School of the week.

These are exciting times at North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary. This year, the school began a Suzuki violin program, and just received a grant from the youth endowment of the arts to purchase equipment for that program. Every week, students have a private and group lesson with parents.

The program helps students like 6-year-old Elijah Liu develop and nurture natural talents. Elijah says, “I like this school because I can learn violin here.”

North Charleston Creative Arts has a full-time art, music, drama, and P.E. teacher. Students have dance twice a week. They work to bring in professional performers on a regular basis to broaden exposure to the arts.

The arts are infused throughout the curriculum. Principal Eric Hansen says, “Once a month our academic teachers meet with our related arts teachers and they plan together, and they talk about the standards, and the academic teachers are sharing with the related arts teachers what they’re doing so once they go into art class, our art teachers is enriching that learning from regular classroom in her room, and vice versa.”

Second grade teacher Zoan Stokes says, “In my classroom, we were just doing magic marker and it’s a technique we use with our phonic spelling words. Our drama teacher taught us when we use our bodies with what we learn it infuses it in the brain, so they can actually remember the words and concepts. Its awesome.” Third grade student Zane Prioleau says, “I like my school because it’s fun and I get to do what I love to do. The arts are important because it helps us express our inner feelings.” First grade student Morgan Anderson also has career as a future comedian.

The school credits outstanding support from parents for it’s success so far. The PTA supports the school with fundraisers and volunteer efforts.

North Charleston Creative Arts also has a strong mentoring program as well.

Coming up Friday on News 2 Today, we will present the north charleston creative arts owls with our Cool School award.

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