Cool School: North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary

They are a new school, filled with exciting new opportunities and programs for students. North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary is our Cool School of the week.

This is North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary School’s first full year as an official school. It was a program for two years. The Charleston County School has nearly 300 students in pre k- through third grade. They added a third grade class this year, and will continue to grow a year at a time to reach 5th grade. The partial magnet school was established in 2011 to complete the vision of an integrated arts school in every zone of the county. NCCA has a hearing-impaired program housed in the facility.

Principal Eric Hansen says with support from parents, community, district and city leaders, the school will continue to grow into a hub for arts infused learning in the North Charleston area. Hansen says, “This is a cool school because we are offering opportunities for the students of the North Area, something no other school has, and this vision in conjunction with Mayor Summey and Dr. McGinley is going to provide those opportunities for kids for here on out. We hope to become a landmark school for Charleston county.” Second grade student Michael Bendure says, “North Charleston Creative Arts is cool because we use art in everything we do. We learn about artists, and most importantly we write about our artwork. We keep it positive here, and there are no bullies.” Kindergarten student Scottie West says, “My school is cool because in art we get to make water bottles into flowers.” Kindergarten student Natalie Brower says, “I like my school because I like art.” Music teacher Kathy Seman says, “North Charleston Creative Arts is a cool school because the arts matter, and I don’t know any other places, where you can experience playing a instrument at such a young age and be able to grow and develop having an opportunity to progress musically.” First grade student Morgan Anderson says, “It’s amazing. It’s a creative school. I get to learn about composers and music and artists and art.”

The school is currently housed in the old Berry building, but in January 2016 they will move into a new state-of-the-art facility directly behind the current building. It’s designed around the needs and vision that supports the school’s creative-arts infused vision.

Coming up Wednesday on News 2 Today, we’ll take a closer look at the exciting arts program at North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary, including their suzuki violin program.

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