Palmetto Christian Academy offers competitive and fun educational experience while developing well rounded students

Palmetto Christian Academy offers competitive and fun educational experience while developing well rounded students (Image 1)

Rigorous academics, competitive athletics, comprehensive arts program, all in a nurturing, faith focused environment. Palmetto Christian Academy in Mount Pleasant is our Cool School of the week.

Every Wednesday, the day begins with praise and worship at Palmetto Christian Academy in Mount Pleasant. Faith, academics, the arts, athletics, PCA is focused on developing well rounded students.

Palmetto Christian Academy’s course of study is demanding and requires critical and deep thinking. Headmaster Mike Lindsey says, “We’re a true college preparatory, honors, AP school with a lot of different subjects, a very traditional path. Our student performance in colleges is very strong. Our SAT scores rank us very high. One interesting statistic, College Board publishes a college and career readiness benchmark at 1550, our kids score about 1720, well above that benchmark.”

Fourth and sixth grade students in Mrs. Amy Adkins class are already dissecting frogs. Adkins says, “It’s an environment where there is rigor and academic excellence, but it’s in a safe environment. There’s a strong sense of community among the students and the staff.” Fifth grade students are learning sales techniques, public speaking, and expressing creativity, through the Snowman Project, a Social Studies Economics Project.

PCA students are learning sales techniques through the Snowman Project..

Palmetto Christian Academy makes instruction in the fine arts one of its priorities, through music, visual arts, and drama. Senior Jackson Pearce says, “I think the strongest part of PCA is it teaches students to blend all aspects of their life. I learn to blend fine arts with my academics, with my spiritual life. PCA teaches a biblical world view integrated throughout the curriculum.”

Developing Christian character, while challenging students to reach for new heights academically, spiritually, and socially. Fifth grade student Parker Carson says, “I really like that we can talk freely about our beliefs and people aren’t judgmental, and as you can see we all have uniforms, so no one can judge us on what we’re wearing.”

Palmetto Christian Academy develops students with a heart for God, and a passion to pursue their unique talents. Senior Will Tuchfarber says, “The teachers are really great at helping you work here, being able to mix, trying to balance three sports and a bunch of AP classes. Palmetto Christian Academy is a great place for that, they’ve made it easy.” Fifth grade student Kendall Chakeris says, “We all have wonderful friends, and teachers here that teach us about the word and care for us and help us with learning and education. The fact that they’re there for us, it’s just amazing how much they care.”

PCA’s quiz bowl team won second place in the state high school bowl quiz.

All seniors have to establish and defend a senior thesis before they graduate. The 27 students in the class of 2013 earned nearly a million dollars in scholarships.

Coming up Thursday on News 2 Today, we’ll tell you how Palmetto Christian Academy is serving it’s communities, and communities around the world.

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