Stratford star commits to CSU, adds to impressive recruiting class

Stratford star commits to CSU, adds to impressive recruiting class (Image 1)

Stratford captain and linebacker Michael Simmons has already committed to Charleston Southern for football, contributing to a growing and thriving class full of Lowcountry talent.

Simmons says he has been dreaming about the day for what seems to be forever, “We have all been talking about this since we were in the 9th grade,” says Michael. “How when we sign everyone is going to have these hats, and we are all going to sit by each other and smile to the camera and be able to put the hat on like Clowney did, it may not be to the biggest school but still it's a great moment.”

It was a last minute offer for the linebacker, who was leaning to Kennesaw State previously – but it was one he couldn't refuse. “Out of nowhere, of the grace of God, they offered me. It's like my Mom says, when one door closes, another door opens, and that is exactly what happened.”

And Mom knows best. “My Mom has been crying ever since. She cried when we went to state, and she'll cry on signing day, and she'll cry more on graduation day.”

The self professed Momma's boy loves knowing he isn't going far from home for college. The two schools are literally just 5 miles apart. Another plus? A CSU winning season and a revamp of the program under new coach Jamey Chadwell.

“That guy, he definitely has a vision. That's what I loved about it. He told us to look at the field and actually envision what you see right now and picture getting a conference championship, picture everybody filling up the stadium. When you hear a coach like that, and a young coach, talk to you like that it makes you actually decide this is where I want to be, and this is the coach I want to have.”

Their personalities and passion for the game certainly match well. Both are fiery on field and determined to win. “It's all about fighting, and how much work ethic you can put into it. I know I am undersized so I have to put in more than the usual. I have to put in the weight room, and training on the field every day, every other day, twice a day probably. I am okay with that, because sometimes you have to sacrifice a little to gain a lot.”

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