Cane Bay High School makes helping others a priority

Cane Bay High School makes helping others a priority (Image 1)

Cane Bay High School values community support, and they make helping others in need a priority everyday. We’re in Berkeley county for our Cool School of the week.

Reaching out to help others in need is embedded in the DNA of Cane Bay High School. Fine arts students are creating bowls for charity. Art teacher Barbara Richardson says, “We’re creating bowls that we’re going to be selling for a fundraiser for helping hands of Goose Creek. We’re donating them as part of the Super Bowls for Charity that everyone in Charleston area is going to be doing around Super Bowl weekend time. We’re going to sell the bowls for a flat rate of 20-dollars, and kids are signing their names to them, but all the money,100-percent goes to charity.” The students work on a charity project every year. Ninth-grade-student Andrew Dodd says, “It feels good knowing that all of the less fortunate people will have something that they can get food when they need food.”

Cane Bay also holds community fairs twice a year, before Thanksgiving and spring break. Families in need in the community sign up, or some simply show up to receive free clothes, food, household supplies, and health care. All of the items are donated. Cane Bay branched out to include feeder schools to support all students. Principal Dr. Lee Westberry says, “We’re at the beginning of Cane Bay development. We’re the first thing you see. and as such, we’re more than just a school, we’re support for the entire community. We do many things for our community such as run a food and clothing bank out of school,so it’s not unusual for a parent to say Dr. Westberry do you have these size pants for my child, it’s getting cold outside. We take care of our kids, not just of our own children, but members of our community.”

Last year, Cane Bay helped more than 300 families. Senior Brettan Pitcher says, “I’m very proud that they are. It really makes me feel good knowing that we are involved in our community,that’s a connection, because you need school and community, because we all work together.” Students say the lessons learned at Cane Bay extend beyond the classroom. Senior Tyler Hughes says, “My school is so cool because our principal makes it cool. Dr. Westberry is so great and all the teachers here help students learn and achieve. They don’t just teach, they actually help the students in our personal lives.”

Fine Arts students plan to sell the handmade bowls on February 14th when Cane Bay will host the Berkeley County School District’s instructional fair.

Cane Bay is partnering with Ladles. They will donate cups of soup to people who purchase bowls.

Students also raise funds for disaster relief in the Philippines, UNICEF, and Relay for Life.

We want to hear about the good things going on at your school. send an email to octavia at, maybe your school will be the next Cool School of the week.

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