Customers without electricity asked to limit water use

Mount Pleasant Waterworks is asking customers without electricity to limit use of their water use. This would including flushing the toilet and running water for prolonged periods. Limiting use of the system will reduce the possibility of wastewater/sewage overflows or spillage at pumping stations. As power returns to your area you may resume use of the system.

In addition, residents are urged to report any indications of a wastewater/sewage spill. If you see any evidence of a sewage/wastewater spill such as an overflow from a manhole please call the Mount Pleasant Waterworks at 884-9626.

Post Winter Storm Tips

– If a pipe has burst or your backflow prevention device is leaking turn the water off to your home or turn the valve off at the backflow device. (Visit to see an educational video on your home's water shut off valve.)

– DO NOT HIDE your water meter or other utility receptacles. Keep the area clear.

– Limit toilet flushing until wastewater system operations return to normal.

– Please keep children away from a suspected wastewater spill. There is an obvious potential for germs or contaminants.

– Limit clothes washing to essential items only.

– Limit shower time.

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