Cool School: Cane Bay High School

Cool School: Cane Bay High School (Image 1)

Cane Bay High School has a beautiful state of the art facility, and when it comes to arts and academics, major bragging rights as well. We’re in Berkeley county for our Cool School of the week.

Cane Bay High school is a diverse school located in the Berkeley county area of Summerville. The school opened six years ago, and now has 15-hundred students.

Cane Bay is a Palmetto Gold award winning school, with excellent ratings for two years in a row. They offer the most advanced placement courses in Berkeley county. They’re tops when it comes to academics and the fine arts, which includes chorus, band, orchestra, visual arts, and performing arts.

Cane Bay has a strong engineering program, which includes biomedical technology engineering. Cane Bay is the only school in Berkeley County School District that has a robotics team, which is award winning.

Principal Dr. Lee Westberry says the diverse communities working together as one, makes them cool. Westberry says, “We have a lot of great schools out there that get great results for kids, but instead of a place where they have to go, this is a place where they truly want to come. Cane Bay High School is a Cool School because we have the coolest kids, and the coolest staff here. When you walk through the halls, there’s a different feel when you walk through the hall, even though we’re a fairly large school, it’s like family. I can’t walk down the hallway without kids hugging on me, saying hey Dr. Westberry, and this is high school. It’s the same thing with each other. I think that’s what makes it cool.” Senior Jiamega Ellis says, “We’re a Cool School because we have such great diversity, and we support one another when a person is in need. We just love one another.”

Senior Christopher Prohaska says, “Cane Bay High School is a Cool School for many reasons, but the one that stands out to me is our incredible arts program. We have an award winning orchestra chorus and band.” “After four years of being here, you just make so many friends, you’re a part of stuff, you’re a part of fine arts. You have a lot to be a part of here,” says senior Jasmine Belisle. Pre-engineering teacher Leah Simmons says, “Dr. Westberry allows us to think outside the box… as long as we have the students best interest at heart.. the sky is the limit.”

The fine arts students submitted 105 entries at the Coastal Carolina Fair, and received 102 ribbons, including first and second place. They also have an award winning JROTC.

Coming up Wednesday on News 2 Today, we’ll tell you about Cane Bay’s efforts to support their surrounding communities…

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