Cool School: Williams Memorial Elementary

Cool School: Williams Memorial Elementary (Image 1)

Williams Memorial Elementary is an award winning school in St. George. From arts, to academics, they take pride in their accomplishments. We’re in Dorchester county for our Cool School of the week.

Williams Memorial started after the Civil War as an elementary school for African-American children. The school is named after the first principal, the Reverend S.D. Williams.

Williams Memorial Elementary is a diverse Title One School in Dorchester District Four, with 720 students, in pre-k through fifth grade. Williams is a “good” and “excellent” rated school, with Palmetto Gold and Silver awards. Students make use of the latest technology, including Ipads. The older students serve as mentors for younger kids.

Principal Jeffrey Beckwith says the academics, arts, and motivation are all moving in the right direction.

Beckwith says, “We’re a Cool school just because we go above and beyond. Our school is more than a place for kids to learn, it’s a place for kids to grow emotionally, socially, a place we want the kids to be and the kids want to be. They’re sad when they have to leave at the end of the day, sad when basket ball season is over, or when art project is done, they’re sad when they have to leave their teachers at the end of the year. They want to take them to the next grade level with them. When you have kids coming in during the summer wanting to be at school doing something right.”

Fifth-grade-student Josie Fineran says, “Our teachers help us through when we’re getting bad grades. They tutor us, and we have after school programs and clubs.” Teacher April Sanders says, “I think that Williams Memorial is a Cool School because we have an abundance of extra-curricular activities for our students to do, and we have awesome faculty and staff.” Second-grade-student Jaiden Dailey says, “Because the teachers are cool.”

Teacher Evan Eadon says, “Our kids come every day ready to learn, no matter where they come from, our teachers, we have so many clubs and art and drama, and chorus, and they want to be in everything, and it gives us an opportunity to make a difference in their lives.”

Williams Memorial Elementary has a rolling mobile store, where students can use tokens to purchase supplies and goodies. The tokens are earned through good behavior. The circus comes to the school every year.

Coming up Wednesday on News 2 Today, we’ll tell you about the arts program offered at Williams Memorial Elementary.

We want to hear about the good things going on at your school. send an email to octavia at, maybe your school will be the next Cool School of the week.

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