Coastal Christian Preparatory School provides fun faith based educational experience

Coastal Christian Preparatory School provides fun faith based educational experience (Image 1)

They’re a hidden treasure tucked away in the Old Village of Mount Pleasant. Mission work is at the heart of Coastal Christian Prep. We’re East of the Cooper for our Cool School of the week.

The week begins with praise and worship at Coastal Christian Preparatory School in Mount Pleasant’s Old Village. Coastal Christian Prep is a Christian, co-educational, interdenominational, college-prep school. Headmaster Joe Hulsey says, “Coastal Christian Prep has been here for 60 years, a ministry and mission of First Baptist Church. We have three year olds up to 12th graders, and wonderful opportunity to work with families and children to help these young people become everything that god intends for them to be.” Hulsey says the school nurtures student’s emotional, spiritual, academic, and physical development through a rigorous academic program, comprehensive athletics, and the arts.

Mission work provides an opportunity for all students 3-k through 12th grade to give back to the community. Eighth graders adopted a street. Student Pressley Casias participated in the project. Pressley says, “We picked a street, and and we walk it once a month, and we put like little Bible verses, and we put candy just to let them know that we’re praying for them, we love them. If we see trash we can pick it up, and it’s just a way to gove back to our community.”

Building lasting nurturing relationships between students is encouraged. Older students pair with younger students and serve as Cougar mentors. Seventh grade student Sam Kohler, says “We’re matched up with someone, and we get to know them, someone younger, and we get to help them in class. They get to see what older kids do and they have a role model.” Five–year-old Michael Foley says, “She’s great. I love her really much.”

In addition to main courses, students also have a list of other courses, including Biblical studies, foreign language, computer technology, and personal finance. Teacher Mandy Balas says, “We all try to make learning engaging and fun, and our administration team lets us come up with creative ways to engage the students. In my classroom, I try to implement exercise while learning. We use exercise balls in classroom, and we use stability boards, and things like that so they’re also having fun, but staying focus. That’s probably why we’re so cool. You’re able to do the things you want to try, which is exciting.” Third grade student Michael McKeever says, “We have great principals, and we have fun and we accept the lord in Jesus.”

Junior Julia Williams says, “It’s like very family oriented being able to know everybody in my school, and be with my friends with everybody, is so cool. I love being able to have sports and have the option to play any sport I want, and have that ability it’s so awesome.”

Coastal Christian Prep’s community mission work also includes working with Habitat for Humanity, and visit nursing homes. They have participated in “Toys for Tots” for 16 years. This school year, they raised more than 10-thousand-dollars and donated more than six-hundred toys.

Coastal Christian Preparatory School is accredited by the South Carolina Independent Schools Association.

Coming up Friday on News 2 Today, we will present the Coastal Christian Prep Cougars with our Cool School award.

We want to hear about the good things going on at your school. send an email to octavia at, maybe your school will be the next Cool School of the week.

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