Tennessee mayor injured in his office after “altercation” with other candidate

Tennessee mayor injured in his office after "altercation" with other candidate (Image 1)
Unicoi County, TN Mayor Greg Lynch was treated at an area hospital today after he and a man who plans to run against him for the job of county mayor were involved in an “altercation.”

Unicoi County Sheriff Mike Hensley says it happened just before lunch at the Unicoi County, TN Mayor's Office in Erwin.

“We were all in the courthouse for a court hearing, my court officers ran down there, they were the first ones on the scene,” Sheriff Hensley said. “They had had an altercation in the mayor's office.”

According to the sheriff, Lynch suffered at least a cut on his arm.

Meanwhile, Erwin police had the other person involved, John Day, in handcuffs, the sheriff said. Day has previously said he's running against Lynch in the next election.

“Day was over there looking into the pay that Craig Masters was supposed to pay back for the county,” Sheriff Hensley said. “Mr. Day does not represent anything with me or my department. He is a consultant for Craig Masters. He's not affiliated with my department.”

Despite the incident, the sheriff says both men have said they do not want to prosecute.

The sheriff says it's unclear who instigated the altercation. He says there were no weapons involved.

Lynch was leaving the hospital around 2:45 this afternoon when he spoke with WCBD's sister station, Newschannel 11 about the scuffle.

He said he is OK and that the whole event was unfortunate

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