Cool School: Trinity Montessori School

Cool School: Trinity Montessori School (Image 1)

They're a small school, with big hearts. Trinity Montessori offers a unique educational experience. We're in West Ashley for our Cool School of the week.

Trinity Montessori is celebrating their 10th year of serving children in the Charleston area. The small private faith based school started on a farm house on the Stono river, and is now located off of Orange Grove Road, with nearly 70 students, from three months to 12-years-old. With small teacher to student ratios, and a high degree of individual attention, Trinity is the only Christian Montessori school in Charleston. School leaders say they offer an authentic montessori education where students enjoy an integrative curriculum, that focuses on the unique learning style of each child. Head of School Melissa Fleck-Aller says, “We have just a very dynamic loving community. What makes us a Cool School is the dynamic teachers with years worth of experience. Their passion for what they do, and the parent body is incredibly supportive, and believe in what we do, and our desire to really bring authentic Montessori into the community. We just have an amazing group of children.” Third grade student Connor McManus says, “It's the best school ever, all the really nice teachers and all the really nice kids.” Fifth grade student Ava Rowley says, “We get to choose our work, and are not just given something we have to do. We have individual work and not always doing something as a group.” Fifth-grade-student Kathleen Aller says, “We have really fun teachers and fun things to do with them.”

Trinity Montessori School nurtures outside learning experiences. Students participate in regular unique field trips to local and far-away attractions.

Trinity participates in a number of community service events and fundraisers, The United Way Day of Caring, pediatric cancer awareness, Race for the Cure, American Heart Association, and Water Missions International.

Coming up Wednesday on News 2 Today, we'll take a closer look at the Montessori experience at trinity.

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