St. Andrews School of Math and Science help students excel through hands on learning

St. Andrews School of Math and Science help students excel through hands on learning (Image 1)

Fun, exciting, creative, some of the words students at St. Andrew's School of Math and Science use to describe their school. We're in West Ashley for our Cool School of the week.

An activity involving turning liquids into solids looks like a lot of fun. Thirds grade student Morgan Epinger says, “We're changing solids to liquids, and making it gooey and it feels rubbery.” Throughout the entire day at St. Andrews School of Math and Science, you will see the infusion of both.

Lead teacher Katie Cannon says, “We get to integrate science and math into the other subjects, and the kids get so excited and they really get into their work.”

All students in kindergarten through fifth grade have science lab every other week. Fifth grade student Ross Nebitt says, “You get to do all cool experiments.” Morgan says, “We get to investigate things to see how they dissolve and write notes in our science journals.” The activities help to sharpen problem solving and discovery skills. Fifth grade student Anna Temples says, “I really want to do a career in science. Not every school gets to use dry ice. I love all the experiments, and we got an awesome teacher helping us with all of this. It's really great.” Math and Science teacher Lisa Cates says, “They had this background every year starting in kindergarten, so by the time they get to me in fifth grade they are really like little scientists. They use the terminology, and they know what they're talking about, and they really like investigating, so it's really fun to work with and when I get to do fun stuff that makes it even better.”

This is St. Andrews second year of focusing the school's STEM initiative. Principal Amy Cario says, “We are so excited about our STEM initiative. STEM is the buzz word now. That means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The path that we have chosen with it, STEM is a philosophy. It's a way of thinking. It's a process. Last year all of our teachers took a college course to understand it, before we could implement it in class, and this year we are beginning to implement the design process, which is the engineering part, but it also goes to the problem solving and the writing process.”

Through a grant from Verizon, the school was able to purchase tools for STEM projects. Students designed and built an outside garden, and outside classroom. They also use Ipads throughout the day for all subjects, which helps to promote personalized learning. Math night, math bowl, problem of the week, are some of the measures used to amplify the additional math component.

Coming up Friday on News 2 Today, we will present the St. Andrews School of Math and Science with our Cool School award.

We want to hear about the good things going on at your school. send an email to octavia at, maybe your school will be the next Cool School of the week.

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