Cool School: St. Andrews School of Math and Science

Cool School: St. Andrews School of Math and Science (Image 1)

St. Andrew's School of Math and Science makes learning fun for students. We're in West Ashley for our Cool School of the week.

St. Andrews School of Math and Science has 742 students in kindergarten through 5th grade. They are housed in a temporary swing space until their new state of the art school is finished next winter. Child Development students are at another school during this time.

The partial magnet school received excellent ratings on the school report card for the past four years, an “A” rating for federal accountability measures. They have been Palmetto Gold four years in a row, and a Red Carpet school for five years.

The math and science themed school also has a strong fine arts program with strings and chorus. The school has twenty lunch buddies who eat lunch with students and encourage them to excel. Principal Amy Cario says St. Andrews is one big family. “Our children who are here now, their parents came here, their grandparents came here. The parental support, we have a terrific PTA, and school improvement council that come and support daily. So I think the thing that makes us cool is we're the typical neighborhood school. Our rigor is high, but our parent support is high, so it's a family atmosphere of higher learning.” Third grade student Emma Morrison says, “It's really fun because we get to do experiments and things.” Third grade student Max Wachowicz says, “It's a lot of fun, and has really nice teachers, and really nice students.” Third grade student Morgan Epinger says, “I think it's a Cool School because the teachers are pushing us to do excellent at our work, and do really good job, so that we can have a really good life.”

St. Andrews School of Math and Science is proud of it's going green initiative. They have a student managed garden, and participate in district wide composting in the cafeteria. The school has a joint program with the Gibbs Art Museum. They also have a track team.

Coming up Wednesday on News 2 Today, we'll tell you about St. Andrew's STEM program, that's Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math initiative, we'll also tell you about the school's personalized learning initiatives.

We want to hear about the good things going on at your school. send an email to octavia at, maybe your school will be the next Cool School of the week.

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