Pinewood students excel in academics, the arts, and athletics

Pinewood students excel in academics, the arts, and athletics (Image 1)

Pinewood Prep in Summerville has a winning combination, academics, athletics, and the arts. Students there excel in all areas. We're in Dorchester county for our Cool School of the week.

From academics, to the arts, to athletics, students at Pinewood Preparatory School are champions. Senior Frank Haynes says, “We were able to bring home our first state sporting clays championship.” Eighth grade student Maryah Nasir says, “I've won two or three state meets. I won coach's classics. I ran against 365 girls and I came in first.” Senior Reona Hirai says, “For the guys side I've been on the team for four state championships, and on the girls side I've been on three state championships. I play individually for golf in other South Carolina tournaments too. I've been South Carolina player of the year for the last year, so it was an honor to be that.” Pinewood's gym is named after it's long time basketball coach, Pat Eidson, a reflection of his impressive more than 700 wins and eight state championships.

From hand bells to drama, students are shining stars in the arts at Pinewood. Drama teacher Shannon Horn says, “We've won several state championships with these guys. We have performed in Scotland. We go to New York every year. It's grown from nothing into what it is today.” Senior Lily Mandell, “I've never had so many opportunities before to go to competitions, and be in these types of shows, so it's really great.”

When it comes to academics, these students are serious top scholars. Senior Logan Dwyer says, “I'm applying to Cambridge, Yale, Penn. I'm hoping to go into linguistics, maybe Slavic languages, middle eastern languages, languages in place like Russia and Poland.” The goal of the Pinewood experience is to provide a foundation for success in all aspects of life. Head of School Steve Mandell says,

“When you look at an excellent academic environment, competitive athletics, inspiring fine arts, at the end of the day it really comes down to this wonderful Pinewood family, 700 plus students, plus their families, plus alums, everybody who is really behind this great school because it changes lives one student at a time.”

Pinewood has thirty varsity and junior varsity teams, five state championship teams in 2013, including cheerleading, and 14 individual state champions. The school is a four time high school quiz bowl state champion. Pinewood is also the 2013 middle school quiz bowl state champion.

Coming up Thursday on News 2 Today, we'll tell you how Pinewood is helping a student feed people in need.

We want to hear about the good things going on at your school. send an email to octavia at maybe your school will be the next cool school of the week.

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