Archery program is point of pride for The Oaks Christian School

Archery program is point of pride for The Oaks Christian School (Image 1)

Students at The Oaks Christian School in Summerville are reaching the mark, and are on target to reaching goals. We're in Dorchester county for our Cool School of the week.

It's a point of pride, the archery team at The Oaks Christian School in Summerville. Seventh grade student Jack Murray says, “It's really fun and our coach is awesome. She's just really fun.”

The Oaks started the archery team five years ago. Sixteen students are on the team in fourth through eighth grade. Archery coach and teacher Jane Hartley says, “We've seen students who come in and they don't have any kind of athletic skills, and they get into archery and we see their confidence grow, and we see a lot of focus issues in the classroom improve a lot. When they're on the archery team, just a lot of overall kind of behavior improves. They're just really excited to be able to do something they just never thought they could do.”

The award winning Saints archery team has bragging rights. Since the program began, The Oaks has had several students place first or in the top five, and top ten in state and national competitions. Fifth grader Emily Scianna placed second at state. Emily says, “I shot a 271 out of 300. At first it was hard, but now, the more we practice, we practice every day, even at home, if we have our targets.” Thirteen-year-old Hayden Dollason, a sixth grade student with progeria, a genetic condition that accelerates aging, is also on the team. Hayden says, “Well when I wasn't on the archery team, I was always bored nothing to do, so I was like well I'll just go ahead and try the archery team, and here I am. I like The Oaks Christian School because here you can make a lot of friends, and they teach you a lot of fun, and its fun all the time.”

The Oaks started a cross country team as well this year. They will begin competing next year.

Coming up Friday on News 2 Today, we'll present The Oaks Christian School Saints with our Cool School award.

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