What an unsafe windshield ‘harvester’ installation looks like

What an unsafe windshield 'harvester' installation looks like (Image 1)

With windshield harvesting a likely cause of South Carolinians paying more than the national average for car insurance, it didn't take long for an example of careless workmanship to show up following a News 2 Reality Check investigation on the problem.

7/11/13: Windshield “harvesters” could put your life at risk

“Not only the driver of that vehicle, but whoever that vehicle would be sold to would not have a safe installation”, said windshield installation expert Jeff Olive.

Olive has more than 30 years of windshield installation experience, and prides himself on carrying credentials that are not necessary to operate in the state of South Carolina. Shortly after we first spoke to him about the dangers of the high-pressure tactics, and sloppy practices of windshield harvesters, he says a customer brought him a car that had a windshield installation that screamed 'harvester'.

“If the airbag went off, and the windshield popped out like in your other video where it showed the glass ejecting from the vehicle…that's not supposed to happen, and that is what could happen in a case like this”, said Olive.

Olive pointed out that the installer did not remove the bottom piece of plastic that covers the windshield, and “slid” the windshield in place, causing the adhesive to stretch, jeopardizing the bond with the body of the vehicle.

With the integrity of the bond in question, the vehicle's airbag system may not work properly, or in the event of a  roll-over, the windshield may not keep the roof from collapsing.

Insurance experts urge you to call your insurance company if someone approaches you claiming defects in your auto glass.

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