Cool Camp: Camp Rise Above

Cool Camp: Camp Rise Above (Image 1)

Camp Rise Above is helping kids with serious medical conditions enjoy a fun summer experience. They're our Cool Camp of the week.

The non-profit Camp Rise Above is hosting four two day camps at James Island County Park for nearly a hundred kids. The free camp serves children with special medical needs and life challenges, children with brain tumors, sickle cell, heart and kidney disease, and children of deployed military.

Camp Rise Above founder Barbara Denton says, “We promote self esteem and encourage them to do things they have never done before. We have archery, we have paddle boating, we have climbing wall. The smiles are just incredible because they did something, they've never done before. It's a Cool Camp because they're having a blast. They're having a great time and they're just being kids in spit of their medical. They're just being kids.”

Camp Rise Above was founded four years ago. This is the first year for the outside day camps. Camp Rise Above also hosts camps inside hospitals.

Coming up Wednesday on News 2 Today, we'll hear from the campers about their Camp Rise Above experience.

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